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Gill Lambert

Poet and Facilitator

 “I have admired Gill’s poems for years, and it is wonderful to see her beginning to gain the attention her work deserves. Her poems are rich in the nuances and implications of life’s small details: the paradox is that their pin-sharp particularity is what makes them so resonant beyond their particular time and place. Her debut solo collection Uninvited Guests quietly demonstrates the variety of things that make – and sometimes break – our lives, and I feel that I know the world she describes as intimately as I know my own memories.” – Oz Hardwick

'In a vocabulary that is grounded in the familiar; in the pub, the streets, the family, this collection speaks of broken trust, loyalty and love, Lambert knows what she’s doing. Poetry beautifully warm and wise, with a craft and music subtly applied.' - Deborah Alma

'Gill is one of my favourite poets - her poems are accessible, subtely crafted and leave you reeling. They will haunt you; knock you off balance.  Gill turns the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.  Nothing is overstated which is what makes them so relevant to the reader' - Sandra Burnett 

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Bio and books

‘Gill Lambert’s elegant yet comfortable, chatty tone is laden with hidden barbs, charting sudden jolts of feeling and whirlpools of memory within the common-place.’

Bob Beagrie

Gill Lambert is a widely published poet and teacher based in Yorkshire. She has a BA in English and Writing and an MA in Creative Writing from Leeds Trinity University. Her work has been published widely both online and in print and she has been commended in several competitions. In 2016, Gill won the Ilkley Literature Festival Open Mic Competition .


Gill’s first pamphlet ' Uninvited Guests' was published in September 2017 by Indigo Dreams and her first full collection 'Tadaima' in 2019 by Yaffle.

Gill's latest collection, 'A Small Goodbye at Dawn' was published in May this year.

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‘In a voice at once confident and reflective, Lambert shows the intimacy of human encounters with the living and the departed, visiting a meticulously peopled past and present with compassion and humour.’ Hannah Stone


'Gill Lambert’s collection has great punch and explores real things that matter. She uses deceptively simple language – a seemingly conversational style – to probe every human situation, to offer advice, and to show different paths. Hers is a poignant and direct feminism that prompts women to ‘kiss life full on the lips’. Her poems for her daughters are particularly fine – if all mums were even half as determined, fierce and honest with love, the world would be an astonishing place! Lambert looks urban and rural straight in the face and tells it like it is. She is an important Yorkshire voice who’s well worth listening to.' Char March

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'If you like your poetry forthright, written with feeling, honesty and without pandering to any particular audience or trend, then this passionate, defiant collection, which fuses the fate of women throughout history will prove thought-provoking, insightful and, never to be forgotten, entertaining at the same time.' Andrew Mosley - Rotherham Advertiser

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'This collection is about so much more than Anne Boleyn. The poems about Anne are, in themselves, tender, heartbreaking and beautiful, but it’s the way that they speak to women’s experience throughout history up to today that is so poignant.' Jenny Robb

Bio and books


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Gill has run creative writing and poetry workshops in various locations in the community for the last six years and lots of her students come back month after month. 

She has worked with libraries and literature festivals and with people in recovery and groups of young mothers.

'A friend introduced me to Gill’s workshops, as a complete novice, but with an interest in playing with words.  The atmosphere of the small group is accepting, constructive and fun. A space in which to grow, without being too serious. Gill herself is very down to earth, as is her poetry.  Spare, insightful and with a touch of humour. Frances Carleton - Zoom workshop participant.

Gill works with new and experienced writers, helping them to get their words on the page and beyond. Since lockdown, Gill's classes have gone online on Zoom.

'Gill has helped me follow a retirement dream - having never really written poetry before, I started attending one of her workshops over a year ago and am loving it!  Gill manages to create a welcoming, warm, supportive, honest environment whether face-to-face or most recently on Zoom, presenting interesting and challenging prompts and poems as stimulus and introducing the group to new voices in poetry too.' Jill Lang - Keighley Library Poetry group participant

'I have worked with Gill for the last twelve months. Initially as part of the Creative Writing course at Swarthmore College in Leeds. Since March I have taken part in her online Tuesday Poetry Workshops. Gill is a great teacher and I feel she has a real strength in bringing a group together enhancing and honing their skills. Personally, Tuesdays have been a highpoint of this difficult year.' 

Tim Brookes.

With her partner Mark Connors, Gill runs almost daily Zoom poetry workshops with people from all over the country (occasionally the world!) taking part.

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I heard about a poetry group at Keighley library, and joined it. I loved it from day one. I grew in confidence both in writing, believing in what I wrote, and offering and receiving ideas, suggestions and critique. Gill is a great encourager, as well as a great poet.” Paul Booth 

Sunday Morning Wordships are workshops where we take a word, discuss its etymology, meaning and use, both generally and personally and then use what we have learned to inform our poems. The sessions are run by Gill and Mark and have time for debate, writing and brief feedback

'Expertly but gently, Gill encourages participants to write, and then to share their work in a safe and inclusive atmosphere. She offers constructive analysis and criticism, helping others to do the same and everyone to improve. A real learning experience with no stress and plenty of laughs - plus the occasional tear when moved by someone’s work!' William Coniston - Keighley Library Poetry Group

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Wild Swimming Poetry Workshops

These workshops are run online by zoom and are for writers of all abilities. You do not have to be a wild swimmer to take part. They are £20.00 for 3 hours and include prompts, discussion and time to write as well as sharing of work and feedback.


The next online water-themed workshops are on Monday 26th September 6pm -9pm 


Tuesday 27th September 9-30 am - 12-30 am 

please email for details


For information about workshops, Sheep Town, Word Club or anything else, please email:

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