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Writing by the Water

It can be really difficult to see where you want to be with your own writing and it can just take a fresh pair of eyes to rectify that. I've been there! I know how important it is to have the advice of another person, whether it's to edit your work, offer suggestions to improve it, or to give advice on putting together a collection or pamphlet. 

I can offer a range of options if you would like some help with your poetry:

Three poem feedback:

feedback on three poems to prepare for submission or inclusion in a bigger body of work. This will be done by email and will include written comments and a 500 word commentary.

£ 30.00

Pamphlet Feedback:

feedback and editing on a pamphlet-sized collection (up to 30 poems) 

This includes annotated feedback and a hour's Zoom session. 

£ 175.00

Feedback on a larger collection:

feedback and editing on a larger collection (up to 60 poems)

This includes annotated feedback, commentary and two hour-long Zoom sessions.

£ 355.00

**I can also offer more bespoke mentoring if you need help with something specific and I can offer discount to those who are un/low-waged. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss other options.**

''Gill is a superb mix of shrewd and supportive. Her feedback is rigorous but also very specific about what works and doesn’t and why'' 

''Gill has a real skill for attuning herself to where a poet is coming from and then bringing real clarity as to how to help them make their own voice clearer''

''Collaborative rather than dictatorial, when Gill edited some of my poems I felt that our discussions went back and forth and the poem was better as a result, but it still felt like it was my voice on the page''

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