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52 to 52

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Me, at 41, ten years ago


It's 52 weeks until I am 52. To get me there, I have decided to write a blog every week for a year. If I do OK with it, I'll carry on. I have written the odd blog before, mostly to share longer (often slightly self-indulgent) statuses to facebook and once or twice, to write a review, but I've never written a regular one.

So here we are, 51. My partner, Mark says 'it's just a number' and I know he's right. The last couple of years have taught me that age has no rules when it comes to most things: love, death, success and behaviour -- all ages are in the firing line of hits and misses, ups and downs life is liable to chuck at us. But now I have done a year in my 50s, I feel I am just that; in my fifties. I have toyed a list of resolutions which seem new, but are really just a re-hash of old promises I make myself at least twice a year. This blog is going to help me keep at least a few of those promises.

I am going to try my very best to read a book every week and tell you about it on here. I live in a house filled with books and if I never buy another, I will probably be able to read one a week till I die ( which is when I am at least 102, as I have been reliably informed I am half way to that, now) Mark has noticed I don't read enough and he's right, (again) not good for a woman who makes a living from books and the reading of them. I read a lot online but that in itself leads me to spend too much time on facebook and I want to read old fashioned books, with pages and everything. A book a week will be as well as poetry collections, pamphlets and anthologies, because I want to review them in this blog, too. I said last week at Sheep Town, that the best and most fulfilling thing I do is create spaces to support other poets' writing, whether it's workshops, open mics or yelling online about how great a new poem or collection is. So I would like to do that on here, too. I'm going to review poetry collections I love and tell you why. They might not be the most literary reviews but they will be enthusiastic ... and sometimes literary. Occasionally I'll review a poetry reading or a show; lots of my friends are involved in those types of things soon, so it would be nice to give them a shout-out, too.

At least some of my working week is spent at home and I live in a beautiful place so on the days I don't go to work first thing I will go for a walk. COME RAIN OR SHINE. Yes, I know, some of you will have heard all this before, but bear with me and watch this space for the beautiful photos of the place I live in the changing seasons ahead of us. To relate this to writing, a bit of exercise will fill my brain with loads of new ideas and I'll be writing lots of poems.

So there we are, 52 weeks, 52 books, 52 blogs. You with me? I know you are. :-)

The beautiful hills and valley where I live.

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